Word 2007 Ribbon not showing TeamSpec Images

Monday, November 09, 2009  RssIcon

The Word 2007 Ribbon bar can be a little finicky at times (to say the least).  There have been numerous posts elsewhere on how to manipulate the Ribbon bar to show what you want, but not much else that explains errors and problems you sometimes encounter when writing add-ins utilizing the Ribbon bar.

Since we originally released the first Beta of TeamSpec, well over a year and a half ago now, we have received a handful of reports that sometimes the Ribbon bar will not show the Images that go with the buttons (see below).  Internally, we encounter this very infrequently which makes tracking this issue down extremely difficult.  Plus, everyone knows how developers can be... "Hey, it didn't repro on my machine, so it isn't a bug!" :)

As it turns out, if there is an operation that takes a little time to complete (more than a second or so from our testing), during the loading of the Ribbon bar, the Ribbon loading UI will silently fail and quit processing the remainder of the Ribbon loading.  Images are one of the last things that are populated when building the Ribbon, so if you have a configuration file that you are reading to determine what should show on the ribbon, and your computer is under heavy disk load, you may see this error.  Here is what the ribbon should look like:

For other Ribbon UI developers, make sure that your ribbon loading code is very small and that you are not doing any additional processing in the ribbon logic to avoid this problem for your add-ins.


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