TeamLook and TeamSpec have been discontinued.

After more than a decade of developing solutions for Visual Studio and Microsoft Office, TeamSolutions is shutting down. This web site and existing web services that support the products will continue until July 2020. 
Friday, September 21, 2012
This last week at the Visual Studio 2012 launch during the morning Industry Panel, there was a statement that "requirements are now dead" with the new tools VS has launched. We find this assertion a little far reaching and think that requirements are just as important as ever in the ALM process.

Requirements Historically Requirements are the building blocks of how you answer the question "What problem are we trying to solve." Whenever you encounter a problem (which you want to solve) you have to define the problem and define the solution to that problem. This is exactly defining requirements – the required aspects to have a solution to your problem.

Every person thinks different and arrives at solutions in unique ways. The solution might be the same at the end, but everyone thinks about the problem differently. This is the same whether the problem is technical or non-technical. For the case of writing software applications, this might mean...
Tuesday, September 11, 2012

TeamSolutions is excited about the upcoming launch of Visual Studio 2012 and we will be in attendance at the formal launch celebration in Seattle, WA. Having worked over the last several months to bring TeamSpec and TeamLook up-to-speed with the latest TFS 2012 API and features, we are sure it will be a great launch!

More information can be found at Hope to see you there!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Some of our customers use TeamLook and TeamSpec in environments where their machines do not have access to the internet for security or firewall restrictions.

In order for our software products to move out of trial mode they must be activated. In the past we have asked these customers whose machines do not have access to activate online to email us their Unique Machine ID and Activation Key. We would then add the entry to our activation server and send back an Offline Activation Token.

To help expedite this process for our customers, we are happy to announce that Offline Activations can be self-serviced on our web site at Of course we are happy to process any requests emailed to us, but we hope the availability of this new feature on our web site will make offline activations a snap.


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