TeamLook and TeamSpec have been discontinued.

After more than a decade of developing solutions for Visual Studio and Microsoft Office, TeamSolutions is shutting down. This web site and existing web services that support the products will continue until July 2020. 

TeamBox Provides Automatic Work Item Creation for Team Foundation Server

TeamBox provides an easy to use way to create work items of any type (backlog items, tasks, bugs, etc) in Team Foundation Server by using a POP3 email address. You can configure TeamBox to monitor an email address for new emails and it will automatically create work items from that email address on your behalf.

Create New TFS Work Items Easily

Everyone knows how to send an email. That's all that is required. Just compose the message with the subject as the title, the body as the description, and you're done. TeamBox makes creating a basic work item even easier than before. How much easier could it be?

Create Items Anywhere and Anytime!

It's as simple as sending an email to your mother. Do it anywhere, anytime, from any email client. As long as it reaches the configured email address, you're done. Work seamlessly, anywhere! You don't need to be at your desk or connected to the corporate VPN to quickly add a new work item. Do it anywhere, anytime.



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