TeamBox Provides Automatic Work Item Creation

TeamSolutions TeamBox implements custom templates that allow you to design exactly how you want your work items formatted. With TeamBox you can develop email accounts so well-tailored to your project's needs that they become like another member of your team.

Automated Email Response

When TeamBox creates a new work item, it sends a response back to the original email address with the information about the work item it created. With this feature, you know exactly which work item was created and what the context of that creation was. Additionally, any TeamLook alerts you have set up will also be automatically fired!

Supports SSL POP3 Email

Worried about security via email? We have you covered! With TeamBox, we support both SSL and non-SSL email accounts.  You don't have to be worried that your TFS content will be compromised. We support all types of POP3 email addresses. You don't need to worry if you have security enabled on your system. We work with it all!

TeamLook and TeamSpec have been discontinued.

After more than a decade of developing solutions for Visual Studio and Microsoft Office, TeamSolutions is shutting down. This web site and existing web services that support the products will continue until July 2020. 


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