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Enhance Your Project Management with Team Foundation Server and Outlook

If you use Team Foundation Server (TFS) for your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) then TeamLook will increase your productivity and communication. TeamLook is a Microsoft Outlook Add-in that provides full and complete access to your TFS project.

TeamLook is a bridge between management and development. TeamLook gives project managers, business analysts, and other team members a natural, efficient way to communicate.

With a few clicks you can:

  • Convert emails, meetings, and tasks to work items in TFS
  • Organize and view TFS work items the way you want
  • Quickly generate status emails for team collaboration
  • Use our lightning-fast search or custom query manager
  • Access reports, enable email alerts, and much more


Work Item Management with TeamLookWork Item Management

TeamLook equips Outlook with the essential work item tracking tools of TFS. Create new work items, edit existing work items, search and organize your work item library, all within the familiar environment of Outlook.




Enhanced Communication with TeamLookEnhanced Communication

TeamLook transforms Outlook into the ultimate communication tool by making work items just as at home as emails. And, what’s more, TeamLook translates one to the other with a single click.




Quickly Find Work Items in TFSSearch for Work Items

It is easy to find what you are looking for in TeamLook with both queries and a proprietary quick search. TeamLook’s queries are endlessly customizable and are saved, so they are both a search tool and an invaluable organizational tool. The quick search helps you find what you need when you need it. It combines all the power of a query with the convenient, familiar interface of a search engine.




View TFS Reports with TeamLookReports

TeamLook incorporates all of the reporting tools of TFS into Outlook. Clean, descriptive, graphical reports keep you up to date on project progress and help you share that information with all of your ALM stakeholders. And, it only takes a single click to embed the reports into an email, distributing that information has never been so easy.




Manage Aspects of your TFS Server with TeamLookTFS Management

In addition to all these powerful work item tracking tools, TeamLook further empowers Outlook for Application Lifecycle Management with event subscriptions that notify you of changes on TFS, full management of project areas and iterations, and seamless connection of changesets and build notifications to emails.



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