TFS Management

Manage TFS Settings from OutlookIn addition to managing work items, enhancing communication among project stakeholders, searching work items, and providing reports; TeamLook further integrates Microsoft Outlook into your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) with many more tools.

TeamLook keeps you abreast of everything on your Team Foundation Server with a customizable email alert tool that allows you to subscribe to certain events that occur on TFS. TeamLook brings TFS right into your inbox.

TeamLook is the perfect portal to your ALM for managers. Not only do you have all the necessary tools for work item tracking in the familiar environment of Outlook, but you can manage project areas and iterations just as easily. Right in the TeamLook tab of the ribbon bar, there is an area and iteration controller with which you can quickly create new area and iteration paths or modify existing ones.

TeamLook also streamlines the use of changesets and build notifications. Simply right-click on an email containing a changeset or a build notification to open the TFS artifact in a native dialog right in Outlook. TeamLook incorporates every tool you need for ALM with your Team Foundation Server into the familiar, efficient environment of Microsoft Outlook.

Managing Areas and Iterations inside TFS with TeamLook
1 minute, 4 seconds

Managing Areas and Iterations inside TFS with TeamLook

Use TeamLook to manage your Team Foundation Server (TFS) areas and iterations from within Microsoft Outlook.

Event Subscriptions for TFS in TeamLook
0 minutes, 58 seconds

Event Subscriptions for TFS in TeamLook

Use TeamLook to subscribe to Team Foundation Server (TFS) events from within Microsoft Outlook.


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