TeamLook Version History


  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 and latest version of Visual Studio Team Services.
  • Unable to connect to Visual Studio Team Services when signed in with credentials for another project. The user is now prompted to enter new credentials.
  • Unable to create work items from a template for some versions of TFS.



  • Test Cases were not properly displaying on the work item form because of missing dependency.



  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Team Foundation Server 2015.
  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Visual Studio Team Services.
  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Microsoft Office 2016.
  • New Feature: Team Explorer software dependency no longer required.
  • Child forms should open in same location as the parent form.



Officex86-TFS2013, Officex86-TFS2012, Officex86-TFS2010
Officex64-TFS2013, Officex64-TFS2012, Officex64-TFS2010

  • New Feature: Office 365 is now supported in the installers.
  • New Feature: Installers now aggressively check Team Emplorer versions to prevent post-installation warnings.
  • Fixed issue during install where error code 26352 may occur if legacy certificate is on user's machine.
  • Installer: The hidden feature of skipping pre-requisite checking was not working in some conditions.
  • Fixed issue where Query Manager dialog asks user to confirm saving changes even after user clicks Save & Close.



  • New Feature: TeamLook now supports Team Foundation Server 2013.
  • New Feature: TeamLook no longer requires Administrator permissions to install.
  • New Feature: Comments for attachments can be edited when creating work items from Outlook artifacts.
  • New Feature: Work item templates now save the work item link relationships.
  • Updated product branding to match the version of Visual Studio installed.
  • Work item form title changes as the title field in the work item is updated.



  • Added back ability to create work items from meeting requests and Outlook tasks.



  • New Feature: Ability to do automatic product activation for enterprise customers.
  • Adding handling for proxy servers to prevent credential dialog for appeaing.
  • Updated work item form to prevent changing focus on the Outlook preview pane.



  • New Feature: The Work Item viewer is now utilizing the new WPF windows. This also allows for access to Test Case work item types and opening Test Manager with those types.
  • TeamSolutions rebranded the shipped assemblies to be more inline with Microsoft naming conventions.
  • The help dialog has been improved to give you access to all the loaded assemblies for additional debugging help.
  • Always enabling "Skip Pre-requisite Checks" option during installer.
  • The TeamLook Ribbon tab will now be the same "case" as other tabs (Outlook 2010 vs Outlook 2013).
  • Connection to multiple servers was sometimes impossible if one of the servers was not available.
  • Fixing an issue where quick-search would not work if you couldn't connect to one of many servers.
  • The feedback form no longer auto-submits when clicking "Enter" in the description field.
  • Various grammar fixes in dialogs.



  • Improvements for how we detect some pre-requisites.
  • Always enabling "Skip Pre-requisite Checks" option during installer.
  • Fixing installation issues on Office 2013 Click-To-Run installations.



  • Changes to how we detect Office 2013



  • New Feature: TFS 2012 Support!
  • Improvements in multiple Server/Project handling. Our connections should not try to connect to every server on some operations (like opening a Work Item).
  • Installing on Windows XP or as a user with a space in their username will now correctly launch the msi installer.



  • New Feature: New minor features added throughout the product.
  • Improving the look of the Query Results pane for most windows versions.



  • New Feature: Attach Email to Work Item through Right-Click!
  • New Feature: Areas and Iterations Dialog!
  • New Feature: Print Work Item (from Work Item Dialog)
  • New Feature: Support for Related Work Item Types when Creating Related
  • New Feature: Export to Excel and Project for queries and items
  • Fixing issue when the format of your server was http://server:port and port was not 8080 (default)
  • Fixing a thread abort exception (submitted via exception report dialog)
  • Fixing a bug when not all the menu items would show up when more than one email was selected.
  • Adding an app.config to use default credentials for communicating through a proxy. This should fix most of the credential dialogs that were showing up when behind a firewall.
  • Fixing reports for TFS 2010
  • Setup will now correctly identify when you do not have VSTOR 4 installed for .NET 4.0



  • Reports of Right-Click being slow (when 1000's of items selected) were addressed with new logic for handling context menus.
  • Bug Fix: Reports were not correctly refreshing in all cases.
  • Bug Fix: Prerequisite checks were updated to be smarter and not fail detection for PIA and VSTOR.
  • Bug Fix: Fixing folder deletion exceptions. We no longer should be showing an error message.
  • Tracing Updated: We added additional trace logic that can be enabled if a customer is having problems.



  • New Feature: TFS Changeset Dialog - From Work Item Link and from emails with changeset links!
  • New Feature: HTML Field Support when converting Work Item to Email and Email to Work Item
  • Fixing TFS Web URLs for TFS 2010 Servers
  • Improvements/Bug fixes with Work Item Templates
  • Fixing Report folder delete issue.
  • Right-clicking on a shared calendar was throwing a TeamLook exception.
  • Fixing DRM Exceptions



  • New Feature: Microsoft Outlook 2010 (RTM) Support!
  • A new dedicated TeamLook Ribbon for working with TFS
  • New Graphics throughout. (2010 Version only)
  • Improved loading times for Work Items.



  • New Feature: Full TFS 2010 (RTM) Support
  • Hierarchical work items
  • Enhanced work item form
  • Query Folders and Sub Queries
  • New Feature: New Query Manager with new query types support
  • Manage TFS Queries from Outlook view (via right-click)
  • New Feature: Offline view for work items
  • New Feature: Work Item Templates support - Allows populating common fields for new work items quicker.
  • Reading pane support for Queries and Work Items
  • New reports view form.
  • Improved Email from Work Item support
  • Copy Work Item to Clipboard functionality
  • Many Bug Fixes from previous versions...


v2.0.0.4 (Outlook 2007 only)

  • New Feature: Built in Outlook Search Support!
  • New Feature: TFS Web Link Support - Easily Create emails with embedded TFS Web Links.
  • New Feature: Many right-click copy features now available -- Work Item ID's, WI Tables, etc.
  • New Feature: New Bulk Edit form -- Additional Fields available for bulk edit.
  • New Feature: Drag & Drop Support Extended - Emails to Attachments Tab, WI on Links Tab, etc.
  • New Feature: Open Work Item via R-Click on emails with TFS links!!
  • New Feature: Right-Click Context Menu options now on Attachments Tab
  • New Feature: Open With TeamLook added to R-Click context menu on links tab with Work Items.


v1.7.xx.324 (Outlook 2007 only)

  • New Feature: Right click support for emails and work items.
  • New Feature: Creating work item from multiple emails.
  • New Feature: Creating work items from post items and task.
  • New Feature: Now you can copy paste work item attachments from clipboard. Supports files and images.
  • Copy work item feature.
  • Bug Fix: Problem with caching has been resolved.
  • Bug Fix: Couple minor bugs when creating work item from email.
  • Save & Close button is added to work item form.


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