TeamLook and TeamSpec have been discontinued.

After more than a decade of developing solutions for Visual Studio and Microsoft Office, TeamSolutions is shutting down. This web site and existing web services that support the products will continue until July 2020. 

TFS and Word with TeamSpec

Requirements Management with Team Foundation Server and Word

If you use Team Foundation Server (TFS) for your Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) then you need TeamSpec for your Requirements Management.

TeamSpec is a Word Add-in that provides full and complete access to your TFS project. With TeamSpec you can avoid some common pitfalls such as stale documents, poorly communicated requirements, and alienated stakeholders. Don’t let governance, compliance, and traceability requirements rule your life. Let your entire team and TFS help!

With TeamSpec you can easily:

  • Publish existing Word documents to TFS
  • Create new Word documents based on TFS queries
  • Avoid stale specifications with publish and refresh
  • Work offline with Team Foundation Server
  • Edit, update, and review for team members without TFS access
  • Create compliance and traceability documentation
  • Manage TFS test cases including test results


Syncronize Requirements Documents with TFSSynchronize Work Items with TFS

The connection that TeamSpec maintains between your requirements document and work items on your Team Foundation Server allows you to publish new content to TFS or refresh your document with content from TFS quickly and easily. You can publish or refresh your whole document, or choose specific work items. And, you can monitor this relationship with a simple, graphical interface.


Query blocks in TeamSpecQuery Blocks

Query blocks link a section of your document to a query in Team Foundation Server. If work items are added or removed from the query, simply refresh the query block to see the latest results.


Quickly Search for TFS Work ItemsSearching Work Items

It is easy to find what you are looking for in TeamSpec with both queries and a proprietary quick search. TeamSpec's queries are endlessly customizable and are saved, so they are both a search tool and an invaluable organizational tool. The quick search helps you find what you need when you need it. It combines all the power of a query with the convenient, intuitive interface of a search engine.


Custom Document Templates

Save time and tailor your requirements document to you exact needs. TeamSpec skins are fully customizable templates that organize references to work items in your document. Use skins to quickly bring work items into your document or as frameworks for creating new work items. Even use TeamSpec skins to prepopulate prescribed fields for new work items.


TeamSpec Provides Offline Support for TFSOffline Support

TeamSpec is powerful even when not connected to TFS. When working away from your server, you can still view and edit any work items in your TeamSpec documents. Then just push your new content to TFS when you return. Also, you can send a TeamSpec document to a collaborator who doesn’t have TeamSpec installed, and they can view and edit work items then send it back to you for publication.


TFS Test Management in WordTest Management

The Test Management features within TeamSpec allow you to import, update, and publish your test cases right where they belong - alongside your requirements! With TeamSpec you can easily create documents showing the relationship between Product Backlog Items, User Stories, or any other requirement type greatly improving your traceability.



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