Test Management

Test ManagementThe Test Management features within TeamSpec allow you to import, update, and publish your test cases right where they belong - alongside your requirements! With TeamSpec you can easily create documents showing the relationship between Product Backlog Items, User Stories, or any other requirement type greatly improving your traceability.


Test Management Screenshot


Test Cases can be added and edited directly within Word providing greater communication and efficiency between your development and QA teams.


Test Cases with TeamSpec
4 minutes, 24 seconds

Test Cases with TeamSpec

Learn how you create and edit Team Foundation Server (TFS) test cases within Microsoft Word, and publish the changes back to TFS.


Additionally the results of your testing can be inserted into your document to fully close the loop.

Test Results with TeamSpec
3 minutes, 44 seconds

Test Results with TeamSpec

Improve your software development traceability by adding the results of your Team Foundation Server (TFS) test cases to your Microsoft Word document by using TeamSpec.




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