TeamSpec Version History


  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Team Foundation Server 2015 Update 2 and latest version of Visual Studio Team Services.
  • Unable to connect to Visual Studio Team Services when signed in with credentials for another project. The user is now prompted to enter new credentials.
  • Issue creating skins that contain a table.



  • New Feature: TeamSpec now has much better support for High DPI Displays and non-standard resolutions.
  • Canvas Tab: Some controls were being cut off in some situations.
  • A dependency was missing causing test cases to not display in the work item form and dragging from the canvas.



  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Team Foundation Server 2015.
  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Visual Studio Team Services.
  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Microsoft Office 2016.
  • New Feature: Team Explorer software dependency no longer required.
  • Child forms should open in same location as the parent form.
  • Including hour:minute:second when datetime fields are added to the document.



Officex86-TFS2013, Officex86-TFS2012, Officex86-TFS2010
Officex64-TFS2013, Officex64-TFS2012, Officex64-TFS2010

  • New Feature: New Canvas view for fields.
  • New Feature: New Dialog for managing skins and MRU list.
  • Fixing an issue for installing when an intermediate certificate already exists with a higher level of access.
  • Fixing an issue with certain defined style formatting with numbered lists that could cause a crash when exiting a content control.
  • Fixing the exception dialog to avoid hard crashing in some senarios.
  • No longer throwing an exception when a skin references a field more than once.



  • New Feature: Office 365 is now supported with the installers.
  • New Feature: Installers now aggressively check Team Emplorer versions to prevent post-installation warnings.
  • During publish TeamSpec resized images based on 96 DPI rather than the actual DPI of the user's environment.
  • Fixing an exception when the Word content control might not have an associated tag.
  • During install where error code 26352 may occur if legacy certificate is on user's machine.
  • Installer: The hidden feature of skipping pre-requisite checking was not working in some conditions.
  • When a new TFS connection is added that connection is made the current default one.
  • Updated Query Block refresh icon to limit confusion with main TeamSpec refresh functionality.



  • New Feature: TeamSpec now supports Team Foundation Server 2013.
  • New Feature: TeamSpec no longer requires Administrator permissions to install.
  • New Feature: Test case steps are editable inside of Word.
  • New Feature: Test results can now be included in the TeamSpec document.
  • New Feature: File attachments can now be included as a table of links in the TeamSpec document.
  • New Feature: New cancellable status dialog when inserting Query Blocks.
  • New Feature: Support for Visual Studio Express editions that include Team Explorer.
  • Prevent Word from crashing when copying and pasting multiple rich text content controls.
  • TeamSpec could become disabled if user does not have permissions to write to disk when Word starts.
  • Exception raised when a Query Block includes work items which the user does not have permissions for.
  • InvalidCastException when switching between views in the Index Panel.
  • Test steps do not support hyperlinks.
  • Rich text content controls without values would appear out-of-sync in the Index Panel.
  • Removed paragraphs that were added when inserting single-row table skins.
  • Updated product branding to match the version of Visual Studio installed.
  • Improved performance when publishing the entire document.
  • Work item form title changes as the title field in the work item is updated.



  • Fixed issue where some rich text fields of work items in document may show out as out-of-sync after a publish event.



  • New Feature: Ability to edit test case steps within Word and publish to TFS.
  • Improved support for Query Blocks to combine custom numbering and styles for skins.
  • Handle rich text fields that contain tabs in Word are now transformed to four spaces when published to TFS.



  • Fixing an issue where complicated tree queries would cause an exception in Query Blocks.



  • Fixing an issue where importing a Work Item with a Skin throws an exception on Windows 8 with Word 2013.



  • Refreshing a document with a tagless ContentControl would cause an exception.



  • New Feature: The Work Item viewer is now utilizing the new WPF windows. This also allows for access to Test Case work item types and opening Test Manager with those types.
  • New Feature: The help dialog has been improved to give you access to all the loaded assemblies for additional debugging help.
  • TeamSolutions rebranded the shipped assemblies to be more inline with Microsoft naming conventions.
  • Query Blocks: Many improvements to improve speed and corner case exceptions.
  • Test Cases: They are now supported for creation via the Work Item window.
  • The TeamSpec Ribbon tab will now be the same "case" as other tabs (Word 2010 vs Word 2013).
  • Dropping a table onto an HTML Field previously caused an exception.
  • Fixing an issue where quick-search would not work if you couldn't connect to one of many servers.
  • The feedback form no longer auto-submits when clicking "Enter" in the description field.
  • Various grammar fixes in dialogs.
  • Manage default skins now uses the WPF window.
  • Help Documentation has been updated for information about creating Related Work Items.
  • Simple tables no longer lose their borders when published.
  • Fixing support for columns being removed from tables breaking TeamSpec content controls in that table.



  • Fixed an issue on machines without Visual-Styles enabled that caused one of our UI controls to throw an exception because we were expecting Visual-Styles to be enabled.



  • The installer was updated for Click-to-Run versions of Microsoft Word 2013.
  • Fixed OutOfMemoryException that could be raised when inserting large query block.
  • Improved slow start-up performance when opening a document with hundreds of work items.



  • The installer was updated to correctly detect localized versions of Microsoft Word.
  • The URL for the latest VSTO hotfix was changed on the Microsoft download site. We updated the link in our installer to the new location.



  • New Feature: Support for Microsoft Word 2013!
  • New Feature: Support for 64-bit versions of Microsoft Word!
  • New Feature: Query Blocks!
  • New Feature: Test Cases can now be added to your TeamSpec document.
  • New Feature: Default skins provided for Scrum, Agile, and CMMI process templates.
  • New Feature: Default values are now automatically set for common fields when creating new skins.
  • New Feature: Admin installations now install for all users on the machine.
  • Major improvements to support for rich text including embedded images, styled tables, and formatted lists.
  • New Feature: Related Work Items!
  • Link regions of your document to a query in TFS.
  • Automatically refresh your query block to add/update/remove items from TFS to your document.
  • Intuitive new UI to show which Query Blocks you have in your document.
  • Quickly add related work items with skins.
  • View relationships inside the Index Panel.
  • HTML Decoding issues fixed.
  • Windows 8 compatability.
  • Performance improvements for inserting multiple work items with skins.



  • New Feature: TFS 2012 Support!
  • New Feature: Completely new handling of RichText which should work far better in every case with RTF.
  • New Feature: Lists of items are now handled with TFS.



  • Bug Fix: Word 2007 SP3 now correctly handles HTML. (SP3 backported a bug from 2010 that caused an issue with how we generate the HTML)
  • Bug Fix: Creating a skin which utilized a combo box field would cause an exception if non valid XML characters were in the selection. This no longer happens.



  • New Feature: Default Values now supported for fields that are not represented in the Word Document.
  • New Feature: Adding icons and UI improvements for Query Manager dialog.
  • New Feature: Better support for Sharepoint documents (Word files stored in sharepoint).
  • Bug Fix: Query Manager has many bug fixes.
  • Bug Fix: Exceptions when doing multiple CTRL-Z operations should no longer happen.
  • Bug Fix: Foreign Languages in HTML sometimes caused a out of sync warning when they were actually the same.
  • Bug Fix: WinWord.exe sometimes was not exiting properly when all documents were closed. We now more aggressively track documentes and be sure they are closed to end the process.



  • Bug Fix: Regression in Query Manager - it was causing an error to be thrown in some cases.



  • Bug Fix: Fixing an issue with importing skins that duplicates some text on import.
  • Bug Fix: There were some dissappearing HTML controls in some specific HTML tags.
  • Bug Fix: Drop Down lists were not connecting properly after document close and re-open.
  • Other HTML related bug fixes.



  • New Feature: HTML/RTF Support for TFS Fields!
  • Bug Fix: Logging correctly works again.



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